Thursday, April 12, 2012

My life as an ordinary Mom....

My life as a mother seems rather ordinary and is often rather routine. But today will go down in "Momma History" as one of the BEST days as Harper's Mom.

At Harper's six month appointment, our pediatrician asked, "Is she sitting?" "No", I responded. "Can she roll over?" "No." Sigh. In my mind, I immediately go back to the same time in Ryan's life. He could roll, sit, pretty much crawl even. I love my pediatrician because he knows me and said, "Don't compare her to Ryan. Comparing them will drive you nuts." He said some other stuff about how some kids just wait to develop gross motor skills but that sometimes babies need help and that needing help didn't mean something was wrong. He said he would evaluate again at 9 months. I sighed again just a little heavy hearted. We all want our babies to do it all and to do it all without any help. In my mind, no birth defects meant no therapy.

Well, we know she CAN roll from her belly to her back but that she'd rather not. So she's a tad lazy? Maybe. We know she can't roll from her back to belly. Not sure what we'll do about that.

But I wasn't so sure about sitting up. She was doing great with something behind her and with minimal support. Today as we played in the living room floor, God had a plan in mind. He said "Try it. Sit her up." I replied, "No. She can't. She'll fall. We're laughing and playing. We are having too much fun to work on a skill right now. I'll try later." God responded, "Sit her up."

In front of her toys, I sat her up. She balanced herself for about 3 milliseconds then fell back in my arms. I said, "God, she can't do this. I told you so."


I tried again. Harper steadied herself. She played. She reached for toys. She even looked at me like "MOMMA!!!!! Watch this! Look at me!!" I thought as I saw the most precious look on her face of all the times in our future that she is going to have the same look. She will try something and Momma looking will be all that matters to her. Then I realized she wasn't going to fall. And the tears fell. I'm such a sap. I really should figure out how to control the emotions. But what you see is what you get!

I cried! I raised my hand to the Lord. I cried, "Thank you for hearing my cry and pushing me." Y'all I can tell you that it was such a sweet moment. Harper looked at me like she knew my tears were for her. That my pride had welled into tears. I am crazy about her.

Sure we still may need therapy for her. Who knows. But I KNOW she can do it. I know we are on the road to developing her gross motor skills. And today in my life as an ordinary Mom, life is perfect. It's really really perfect. I wanted to take pictures but I was enjoying the moment so much that I didn't want to miss it to grab the camera. Next time, I promise. Till then, I'm going back to being an ordinary Momma.