Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Break 2012!!!

It's Spring Break!!! Remember when "Spring Break" meant something entirely different?!?!?! I used to spend Spring Break poolside or beach side in Cocoa Beach with my "Florida Family". SUCH good memories! Oh, how I wish Ryan had these same memories!

Now married, Spring Break typically means "staycation" because Brian is working. But being the Momma of an almost 10 year old there comes a responsibility to have a really good time. I was determined this year that Ryan's spring break would be FUN! His entire summer last year was spent at the hospital or at home because I was on bed rest from June 9th to Sept 16.

On Monday, we had lunch with my parents. Then did a little running around town and ended up relaxing on Momar's front porch! Tuesday, was a BLAST! For a while now, Ryan has wanted to go to a comic book store. He wanted one like the one on Big Bang. My work was cut out for me! Well, I found a chain- Titan. The closest location was Woodstock. We got in the car and drove and drove and drove. It wasn't Woodstock it was Towne Lake- an hours drive. When we arrived, Ryan was so excited but as we got closer to the door we realized it was CLOSED. Well, the location in Smyrna (another 30 - 40 minutes) was still open. I almost didn't go there but the look of disappointment on Ryans' face was heart breaking. I figured, let's go!

We arrived at Titan and it looked a tad scary! We went in and it was EXACTLY what Ryan had been looking for! He loved it! The owner was fantastic and talked to Ryan about his love of comics. Ryan found several he wanted. He kept trying to decide on 1. When I told him he could have more than 1, he was pumped! It's precious how he is always wanting to save money. But I figured this day would be all about him.

I regret that I didn't take pictures. Oh well. I was hesitant to pull out the camera and I should've just snapped some.

He has said many many times that this has been the best week! Thankful to make some wonderful memories!