Thursday, July 19, 2012

Keeping it Real: Weightloss Journey Update

I know how to lose weight: eat healthy, exercise, drink water, etc.

Am I doing it? Yes but so so so SLOWLY.

It's so stinking hard! I have no will power or discipline or dedication. Let's be real. But do I want to be larger forever, NO! One thing to celebrate since my last post is that I am no longer "obese". I simply "overweight". How sad is it that I can actually celebrate this. Geez. I want to know why does it cost more $$$ to eat a salad than it does to eat a burger. UGH! I have got to research some ways to eat healthy on a budget.

I think I'm going to start doing a segment on keeping it real every week. And I'll share our journey and our struggles. What's helping me most is My Fitness Pal. It's a website as well as an app. I love it. I can log in all the food I eat and my exercise. It will then tell me if every day were like it how much I'd weigh in 5 weeks.

My goal was to lose 37 pounds by September 1 and I seriously doubt that is going to happen. I will have to recalculate my goals but I'm going to keep trying. I have 25 pounds to go to the goal so it's actually possible "if" I have some rather incredible weeks. To meet my goal, I'll have to lose 3.6 pounds every week.  I've got to stay disciplined to pray away my personal demon of gluttony, log my calories, and exercise.
So here goes the hard stuff! Let's talk stats! I HATE to share this but I know it will help me stay motivated and keep me pressing forward.


Leslie's Weight: 160.00
Brian's Weight: 255

As you can see, Brian is down A LOT! Total weight loss of 23 pounds. How awesome is that!!! He is losing at a pace of 2.9 per week which means he could meet his goal by September 2!

I am down 12.8 pounds. Not as good as Brian but it's a loss and it's a pace of about 1.6 per week!  At this slow as a snail pace, I will not reach my goal until October 28!!! Alright, I have to get on the ball. Because the person with the highest percentage lost on Sept 1 is our winner and will decide where we go for a weekend away!

We would love your support! If you have any ideas for ways to do this, or if you have workout suggestions or recipes send them to us @ lbshoemaker (at) gmail (dot) com.