Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Let's go...

In a few short hours, we will make the well known drive down I75 and across I285 over to Scottish Rite Medical Building to see Ryan's "team". You'd think after making this drive probably a minimum of 100 times over the past 10 years that I'd come to the point of it just being what we do. Yet, it still takes my breath away. I still wonder will Dr. Williams say it's time for surgery (again) or is this the day that Dr. Grainger will say orthodontics will start now (and in a round about way that also means surgery).

I used to know what to anticipate a little better. Our plan was laid out in a clearer way. These days, we are just in a holding pattern. I was told though by Dr. Grainger at a previous appointment that our hardest days were in front of us not behind us so it's hard to just relax. I like many others look at Ryan and see a sweet, fun, healthy preteen not a boy who is still facing his cleft. One day though, we will "graduate" from the Craniofacial Clinic and when we do I'll cry.

God knows though. It's comforting to rest in that fact. No matter what takes my breath away or takes me by surprise I trust that He has gone before me and has paved the way. He knows. So while I go spastic for a bit, none of this is surprising to Him.

Here's hoping today is uneventful. But if it isn't, God has my little boy in His hand.

I normally don't take Harper with us to these appointments but I'm going to today. Here's praying that she is okay cause it's during nap time. YIKES!!!