Friday, July 20, 2012

The Dark Knight

Again, tragedy strikes. I feel like every morning that I turn on my local news, 11Alive, that there is a tragic incident. Today's incident is the shooting at Century in Aurora, Colorado. During a midnight showing of The Dark Knight, a lone gun man opened gun fire killing 14 and injuring 50 some of them critically. Horrifically, this city is 20 miles from the Columbine shooting. My heart is aching.

When I heard that the youngest injured victim is 6 years old, I was filled with anger. Why on earth was a child seeing such a grown up movie. Reminds me of the song, "Be careful little eyes what you see!" It also convicts me that there are things I expose my own children to that are anything but appropriate. Hear me- I am not saying that allowing your child to watch a grown up movie will lead to their death or their shooting. This child's injury just hit so close to home because I could easily see myself allowing my son Ryan to watch this movie or others like it.

UPDATE: I learned that the youngest victim is 3 months. This hits close to home too, being that I am the momma of a 10 month old. Could the viewing of the movie not have waited? It's midnight. That sweet baby should've been in the bed, asleep. Oh the agony that family must feel!

What makes people do these types of evil things like opening gun fire in the middle of a theatre? I wonder where did his parents and his community fail him? Where is God in this midst of this? No matter what, there will always be good vs evil. God, however, is there. It's a time like this that I can't really answer the age old question, "Why does evil happen?" I do not know.

I do know God cares. God is in the midst of this tragedy. We need to cry out to him for healing of the injuries and of those directly involved. If this affects me the way it has imagine how those right there are feeling.

Let's pray and reach out to God.

Dear Heavenly Father,

I cannot fathom what has happened in Colorado. I do not know what makes someone shoot people they do not even know. God, I do not know why bad things happen. Help me see your hand in the midst of this. Display yourself mightily to those in Colorado, those injured, and the family of those who have perished. I cannot even begin to understand what those people feel like. I know that through something horrible like this that people can come to know you and trust you as their Savior. I pray that will happen! God please fix my heart. My immediate reaction was of harsh judgement for the parents who allowed a little child to see this. Forgive me for that. I should have a bigger heart of compassion. God bring this to the front of my mind so that I can pray your healing on everyone involved.

In your name I pray.