Thursday, September 27, 2012

Happy Birthday, Harper!

(From her 1 year photo shoot)
I haven't blogged about Harper since June when she turned 9 months. I was doing a monthly post to celebrate those milestones that she had reached, how much she had grown, and to have something to look back on years from now to remind what we were up to! I haven't really had the time to post lately. Life has been BUSY from my Mom's campaign for Tax Commissioner to my keeping a little boy in our home. I am hoping to get better at recording what is going on, even if nothing changes! 
I made a great deal of progress I feel like in the past three months dealing with Harper's gross motor skills delay although the past month has been the hardest. A senior adult lady at our church confronted me on what I needed to be doing with Harper and how it was my job to teach her to crawl and that brought me to tears and I still hear those hateful words But I'm reading "Holy Habits" and learning that God has given me enough grace for today so stop WORRYING about tomorrow.  Our amazing pediatrician, Dr. Richard Young, is having Harper evaluated again by Babies Can't Wait and if denied again then Harper will receive private therapy. I am excited to have her in physical therapy. She needs it. I need it. And I can't wait until she is walking!!! (I don't think she will ever crawl.) Yes, I realize once she is walking I will be praying for her to sit down. But y'all she weighs 25 pounds and my back is KILLING me. I need her to help me a little bit. Just a little bit.  

I think the hardest part of this was understanding God has a plan. My plan was that with Harper we would avoid all of the hard things I faced with Ryan. I planned no therapy, no delays, no problems. God's plan includes all of this and when I stand on the other side of this mountain I will be able to see His picture. So I try to trust Him. I let Him direct my path knowing He knows my needs best. When Ryan was Harper's age, I remember holding him and CRYING and wondering why. Now I see why. I am so thankful that I am able to be at home with her every day. My husband has sacrificed everything for me to have this opportunity but I feel like if Harper had to be in day care that she would just be sitting in the exact same spot all day long and that no one would work with her.  At least with me at home, I know her legs are being exercised and I know that I am trying my best to teach her.
So there's the hard stuff of where we are!
Now here's the good stuff!
Rolling over has become almost second nature to Harper. She can bear all of her weight on her tiny little legs! (Remember, 3 months ago she couldn't straighten her legs out!) She can TALK. She asks, "What is that?" She will say: Jesus, God, Dada, Momma, ball, Ma (Mickey), please and hold (for hold you). She signs sometimes: all done, more, please. Her laugh is awesome. I do this thing where I say, "Tater Bug, Tater Bug whatcha going to do? Tater Bug, Tater Bug gonna get you!" Then I tickle her belly. She just LAUGHS! It's so awesome!  When it's nap time, I rock her for a few minutes and she will bury her face in my chest and cuddle. LOVE THIS! Harper is obsessed with Mickey Mouse. I can't wait for her to actually see Mickey Mouse in person next summer. She is going to DIE of excitement.
The good stuff is so good! I'm so in love with this bundle of joy! Her laugh is contagious. She has learned to roll a ball. Her blue eyes dancing about all the time. I cannot believe that our girl is already 12 months old! Time flies when you are having fun and we are having a blast!
What are your stats?
We had your 12 month well check, you weigh 24 pounds 10 ounces. No wonder my back is breaking all the time!

You are 30 1/4" long. WHOA!

Are in size 4 diapers.
You can say God, Jesus, What's that, hold, Ma for Mickey,"da-da", "momma" , and a lot of babbling.

Are in a size 2 shoe (infant). To be so big you've got really tiny feet.

You are wearing 12-18 month clothes and have a lot of 24 months for the winter! Your legs are short so all your pants have to be rolled up! 

You eat 3 meals a day. 1 snack. Drink whole milk from a cup.
At night, you sleep in stretches varying from 10 hours to 11 hours straight.
Bedtime is 7 to 8.
At 9 months you couldn't bear weight on your legs but can now!!! Praise!

You've sat yourself up one time. We are working on this!

You can roll!

You like to be out and about with Mommy.
You really LOVE being outside.

You are a chatter box!

You love your "twin" and best friend Bennett.
You love Barney, The Wiggles, and anything else musical!
You have started drinking from a sippy cup.

You are a great eater!


Wow, how fast you've grown! Daddy and I are super proud of you! You are such a precious gift to us. I have been discouraged lately but I'm making a promise to you, myself and God to no longer be controlled by this massive urge to make you do something. I realize you will in God's time do all of the "big" things like crawl, roll, etc. And if you don't ever do any of this, you are perfect because you are made in His image. And if you do all of this, well then this season will quickly become a blur.

I love you so very much. It's crazy to think how crazy I am about you! I hope you know just how loved you are.

Happy Birthday Sweetie Pie!
I love you!