Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Am I a 5th grader?

The other day I was in Target with both Cupcake and Lil Dude. We didn’t really need anything except diapers but I found myself over in the shoes! Imagine that!!
As I approached the shoes, I noticed a bunch of middle school girls and two Moms. I, IMMEDIATELY wished I was a “cool” Mom like these two. They are beautiful, successful, have popular kids, and I doubted they even knew my name or that I existed. Now let me add that I only knew one of them by name. I couldn’t tell you ANYTHING about either of them except I knew they run in a circle I’d like to run in. Okay, admittedly, I don’t know anything about their circles either. They seem to be people I’d like to know and they are definitely the popular girls in the PTA at my son’s school.
As sure as the sky is blue, BOTH ladies started waving! (I almost wanted to look behind me but I knew there was no one behind me.) As I started to wave the one I know by name was like “Hey, Leslie!” I spoke and we went about our day. I was excited that they acknowledged me!
I told Ryan that these ladies speaking to me was the highlight of my day. He asked why? I said, “Well, they are popular.” He promptly told me I was acting like a 5th grader. Isn’t it interesting how even as adults we know there is a “popular” crowd or “cliché” and we desperately want to be in that group. Now, I know some of you will deny what I’m saying but if you are willing to admit it we all long to belong in one way or another.