Friday, October 26, 2012

Confessional Friday

It's Friday! Thank the good Lord for seeing me through another week! There were moments this week that I thought I might just run really far away. But, I'm here. I didn't run and guess what? Life got a little bit better.

Being that it is Friday. What does that mean?

It is time for my weekly confessional link up with A Blonde Ambition! I am having more readers lately so I think I will copy Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition and share a little about myself!

1. I am in love with Jesus! He is my everything.
2. I married a man who makes me want to be a better everything.
(Thankfully, we've both lost about 40 pounds since this picture!)
3. My son (from a previous marriage) Ryan aka Lil Dude was born with a unilateral complete cleft lip and palate. To date, he has had 12 surgeries and numerous more ahead. He will be 11 in May.
4. My daughter, Harper Elise aka Cupcake, is 13 months. She has hypotonia (low muscle tone) and is globally delayed. We started physical therapy yesterday.
5. There are days that I wonder why God trusts me with these two kids. I feel I can only handle "easy" kids. He has shown me that with His help, I can be blessed and care for TWO special care needs children.
6. Before I met Brian, I wanted a career in NYC in fashion. In my past life, I was a manager for Coach and for The Limited. I chose, though, to be a better Mom and began work for a small educational retailer, The School Box. It was the best decision of my life.
7. I lost my grandfather to a battle with cancer in April of 2011. It consumes me still some days.
8. I am AFRAID of clowns.
9. I love Dove chocolate.
10. I love singing loudly to country music.
11. I love to dance.
12. I love my life!
I really enjoy "Confessional Fridays". All this week, I keep wondering what I'd write about today. It's such a fun thing to do. And on my blog, you never know what you're going to get. Sometimes it's all about the good stuff but I'm real so some posts are about the "bad". That's okay. It's who I am.
Don't forget to go link up too and "confess":