Sunday, October 7, 2012


Last week we signed up for eMeals. (This post wasn't sponsored by them or anything! It just works so I wanted to share.)

It’s a Meal Planning program that does all of the planning for you! Every Wednesday, I am sent my grocery list and my meal plan for the next week. I LOVE THIS! We had stopped eating at home and were always eating out. I didn’t really  have the time to plan our meals. Since there was no plan, we’d always grocery shop spending about a hundred dollars a week and STILL eat out! No wonder our budget looked so crazy!

God has been dealing with us on this. I’m serious. Don’t laugh at me for saying that. He has pointed out how irresponsible we are for the way we spend our money. Gluttony, anyone?

This program is also promoted by Dave Ramsey. (Click on Dave's name to see a list of recommended companies by Dave Ramsey.) So it had to be worth it! It costs $26.40 for 3 months of weekly lunch/dinner menus. Well, I had a 20% coupon. I used coupon code LUNCH. Try it! It might still work. You don’t have to sign up for lunch and wish I had not. But I did.  The plan we are on should run us between $55-$65 a week not including Harper’s needs lunches or Ryan’s snacks. I don’t think that is too bad at all though.
This week we had tacos, pork chops, and hamburger steak. It’s really yummy.

My challenge to my family was to eat dinner every night between now and Halloween. I think we can do it! We are saving for a weekend in Nashville and for Christmas so I am excited to see how this plan works for us. I’ll keep you posted!
Check out the plan. If you sign up let me know!