Friday, October 5, 2012

Equal Opportunity Facebook posting...

Facebook posts drive me bonkers. I literally want to comment “Your life can’t be this awesome all the time.”  

Are we so consumed with ourselves that we result to only posting good stuff? Do we really care that much what others think and as a result only type status updates that make others think we are awesome?

Y’all know exactly what I mean. They post every single time about their precious children, perfect manicured lawns, and perfect husbands. Do their kids ever do something bad or not sleep or not eat their veggies? Do these  people ever not mow the grass? Do they ever not get mani/pedis? Do they ever want to hit their husbands over the head with a frying pan?
Perhaps my life is so not perfect that I’m feeling all alone. My kids aren’t perfect. My lawn is rarely ever looking good. My husband at least once a day makes me want to smack him. In fact, yesterday, I was so annoyed I started screaming. Literally sat my phone down and SCREAMED. I felt better. Ryan felt scared. Harper thought it was HILARIOUS. And Brian thought I’d officially lost my mind.
But you know the status updates that annoy the hell out of me?!?!?! The ones where the parent only posts about 1 child ALL THE TIME but in fact they have other children. Now, listen I'm not saying that a post can't be about 1 child. I am saying do not exclusively post only about 1 of your children. I have a “friend” on  Facebook who at least 4 times a week gives her oldest daughter a shout out about her accomplishments yet NEVER mentions her youngest. The older child is very involved in various activities and perhaps the youngest isn’t involved in anything. I don’t know. I just know for certain who the most favorite child is.
I try to be an equal opportunity poster. I post the good, the bad, the ugly, and I post about both of my children or whatever random thought pops in my mind. I likely post way too many status updates. I don't care. I'm a stay at home mom with quiet a bit of free time. It's what I do.
My problem is that I share way too much? What kind of Facebook poster are you?