Friday, October 19, 2012

Getting Lost...

Tuesday, October 16, I was sitting at home waiting for Cupcake's Babies Can't Wait evaluation. (There will be another blog post on that!) Sitting around the house was making me crazy! I decided to go for a drive. There's a playground near my house and I wanted to know if they had a baby swing and they did. For some reason most of the playgrounds here, do not have swings at all much less a baby swing. But I didn' t stay at the playground because there was a guy there ALL BY HIMSELF- creepy!!!!
So.. this is where things get interesting.
I decide to drive and find this restaurant I had heard about, Five Forks. No, I don't live in Seattle and no I'm not stuck in the Twilight series. This is a REAL place! I never found the place. I ended up on a road driving between COTTON FIELDS. For miles all I could see was cotton. I started singing "I don't wanna be ALL BY MYSELF".
Admittedly, I was very scared. I did not have a clue where I was. I had no idea what road I was on. 
Here's Celine's version of "All by Myself"!
As I drove, I literally thank God that I own an iPhone. I pull up Maps, type in my home address, click "Directions to" and then I realize I'm in ANOTHER town. I live in RURAL America. It' s not that big but when you get in the "sticks" you are really out there. I figured I had drove so far that Cupcake and I could run away at this point. That thought is fleeting then Brian calls.
Brian: Where are you?
Me: I don't know.
Brian: No, seriously. Where are you guys?
Me: Driving in between cotton fields and I don't know where I am or what road I am on.
Brian: Want me to use Life 360 to locate you? (Thankfully, we have that app!!!)
Me: No, I want you to get off the line so I can use the M-A-P.
Thanks to my phone's GPS, I navigate my way back to civilization. When, I  make it back to something familiar and I am 40 minutes from my house. I'm not lying. I went to a park 5 minutes from the house then decided to go another 2 miles or so to find a restaurant. I end up LOST. I couldn't turn around because I was on an itty bitty road with no houses. Besides at this point I had taken so many turns I would have still been LOST.
Hilarious. Not. I have learned my lesson. Stay close to home!!!!