Thursday, October 25, 2012

God is Good

I hope that any of you happening to read my blog aren't growing tired of me talking about Harper and our journey. My writing is therapy. It makes coping easier. I have THE coolest story I want to share with you about how God REIGNED down such inconceivable goodness on me this week.

On Tuesday afternoon, I walked to the mailbox and there was the manila envelope I had been dreading for a week. It contained Harper's evaluation. The results were to be expected in many ways but in others left a lot of questions which I promptly called our pediatrician to discuss. As I heard the possibility of seeing other doctors, I started to sob. I was afraid.

Hear me, I'm not afraid of what could be or might be or is wrong with Harper. I serve and amazing God. I'm afraid of handling it ALONE. This fear comes from the fact that I feel like I did a lot with Ryan, ALONE and ultimately I was divorced really doing it alone. I don't want to do it alone.

But as I thought about possible appointments in our future, I was SAD. My sweet husband has used all of his vacation for this year so there is no chance of him getting off if Harper should need to see other doctors. He had the opportunity to pay for extra times off in a maximum of 2 days which he did for our trip to Nashville. We didn't anticipate any other possibility for Harper so we had no idea we should have "banked" some days off.

Wait. Remember I said God REIGNED down?

Brian received a promotion at work in September, I believe, maybe even in August. Regardless, it was awhile ago. He is now an "officer" of SunTrust. We were thrilled with this promotion and the perks that came with it. One thing he didn't learn about until yesterday though was that with this promotion also comes ONE ADDITIONAL WEEK of vacation!

Some of you will say it is just coincidence and that it doesn't mean anything. To me, it was a God thing. If we had learned of this extra week months ago, it would have meant little. In my devastation the one thing I was worried about was being alone. This extra week means, I'm not alone! God answered our prayers for the promotion in a bigger way then I originally thought. When I needed a wink from God he WINKED right at me.

I love it when something happens and you know that it was God!