Saturday, October 6, 2012

Going Home...

Apparently, you can go "home" as many times as you want to in your life. Or at least, I can. I came home when I moved home from Athens and moved back in with my parents. I came home after I got divorced and moved in with my parents. I came home after I moved out of my town house when Brian and I got engaged and moved in with my parents. I bet my mom and dad hope I never move back home again!

I have also come "home" to my church home a couple of different times in my life too. After I got divorced, I came home. And we are coming home now.

Many people have various takes on why we left our beloved church and I'll be honest, it's a variety of all of those reasons. But most importantly, a year ago God began to stir in Brian and I that we needed to go to church somewhere else. We didn't listen. We ignored him and plugged straight ahead. Does this surprise anyone? Probably not. We are stubborn and lazy.

We didn't realize until recently that he was telling us to go "home". I'm not sure if we are returning home for good or for now. I will tell you this though, I know without a shadow of doubt that this season I am in, I need to be home.

It doesn't matter to me what others think about my leaving. People can speculate all day long. At the end of the day, I need my children to be in an environment where they can grow in the love of the Lord and know they are part of a bigger picture.

As I sat listening to our pastor on Sunday morning preaching, I could see my own baptism in that baptism pool when I was so young and had not a clue what I was doing. I could see myself on that cold February night when God met me where I was and saved my soul. I could see my grandmother, mother, aunt, and life long friends singing their hearts out to the Lord. In my memory, I saw my Papa there.

This season of life with Harper's needs and Ryan's about to hit another patch of surgeries and many appointments, it's nice to be home. I'm with a group that have known me my whole life. They were there when I fell over and over again and now they can rejoice with me that I am not falling because I know the Lord.

It's good to be "home".