Saturday, October 27, 2012

Keeping it Real: I love "Sex and the City"

I love Sex and the City. It combines my favorites: big cities, fashion, friends, and relationships.I DVR the series from the E! Network and watch a lot of the time during Cupcake and Skipper's nap.

My most favorite character on the show is Carrie Bradshaw. I love her! I would love to have a column like hers one day. How cool would that be! I also love her and Big! It's hard though when I am watching to not confuse the movies with the series. The relationship between Big and Carrie is like a lot of relationships many of us have been in. You know the toxic kind. No matter how much I love "Carrie and Big" you must agree that in the tv show they are toxic!

Carrie and Big remind me so much of a relationship I used to be in. Once it was over, Carrie wanted to be with him but he had decided to be with someone else. In all seriousness, I've never in my life been in that place. But I have wanted more than the man wanted to give. I love what Carrie says in episode, "Where There's Smoke", about needing to find someone to run with.

At the end of the day, I didn't want to run wild with the ex. When Brian and I met, I knew I wanted to run wild with him. I encourage you that if you are reading this and wishing you had someone to run with that you pray, pray, pray. Trust that there is someone for you. Keep looking. Keep trying. And when you find them, do not be afraid to love deep and completely. Running wildly with the love of your life is the greatest feeling in the world. I sure am glad I found my running partner!!!