Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Keeping it Real: South Beach Diet Reboot

Okay, I am rebooting the South Beach Diet! I have got to get on the wagon and get off this extra weight. It's a little (no a lot) embarrassing! I've done A LOT of reading on weight loss and almost everything I've ever read says to eat the same menu every week and to eat every couple of hours. I'm going to try that a little bit this week.

I'm starting this week weighing in at a WHOPPING: 160 pounds.
Here's my Menu for October 15 - 21:
(right now I'm drinking it with sugar/ creamer but I am going to STOP that ASAP and go back to black.)
(I like strawberry Light & Fit by Laura Lynn found at Ingles)
Morning Snack:

a pack of dry roasted peanuts 
Lettuce Wraps
(Roast beef and Swiss cheese wrapped in lettuce)
1/2 can of green beans
Afternoon Snack:

Sugar Free Chocolate Pudding

Hamburger Patty w/ Cheese
Green Beans 
I use the app MyFitnessPal. If you guys use that app feel free to friend me- leslie_shoemaker. My goal is to post every couple days or so how I am doing. I also drink a lot of soda so I will be cutting back on that too!

Bringing Sexy Back!