Sunday, October 21, 2012

Keeping it Real: Weight Loss

This week I tried to reboot the South Beach diet. I wouldn't say I failed but I wouldn't say it was a success either!

I started this week weighing in at a WHOPPING: 160 pounds.
Today, I weighed: 158.8
Weight loss of: 1.2 pounds.
Not terrible but not really outstanding either. I went back to work in August so I'm not able to go to the gym as much as I'd like. However, I'm a nanny so I'm going to start going during the day and taking both kids to child care or go in the afternoons.  
Here's was my goal menu for October 15 - 21:
(right now I'm drinking it with sugar/ creamer but I am going to STOP that ASAP and go back to black.)
(I like strawberry Light & Fit by Laura Lynn found at Ingles)
Morning Snack:

a pack of dry roasted peanuts
Lettuce Wraps
(Roast beef and Swiss cheese wrapped in lettuce)
1/2 can of green beans
Afternoon Snack:

Sugar Free Chocolate Pudding

Hamburger Patty w/ Cheese
Green Beans
I ate exactly this on Monday and Wednesday.

Recognizing my downfalls:

Tuesday- I had over a friend and her kids for a playdate. I made muffins. I ate TWO! Then, we had Mexican take out for dinner.

Thursday- My aunt and uncle were here from Florida and we ate a home cooked meal at my Nana's. Now my Nana can cook but healthy doesn't enter her mind. It was choked full of fat, I'm sure. I mean no disrespect to my Nana but this is the truth!

Friday- Our anniversary was Thursday so we order Mexican take out to celebrate. Our dinner was accompanied by mindless TV and a two adult beverages. (My biggest downfall is that I drink WAY too many calories. I don't just mean in alcohol but in fully leaded soda or orange juice.)

Saturday- We ate breakfast out. We went to McDonald's for lunch. I had an egg roll. My cousin's wedding was also on Saturday and fried chicken was the meal! Then I came home and I was hungry so I ate leftover carne asada.

It is EASY PEASY to see where I failed myself this week. Frustrating but easy! Writing posts like this gives myself a diary to see where I can do better. I'll keep you guys posted!

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