Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Ryan for President

I am so proud of Ryan! I hope that it goes without saying, that I am always proud of Ryan. First, his life is dedicated to God. He is funny! He is athletic. It's just a joy to be his Momma.

A few weeks ago, he came home and announced he wanted to run for Student Council Representative. He was elected for this position in 3rd grade, was not elected in 4th grade, so I hoped his peers would elect him again this year. And they did!

Let me tell you the back story. Ryan is in a class with a lot of girls that he knows and likes but not many guy friends. Anyway, the class voted and there was a 3 way tie between Ryan and two girls. One of the girls decided to pull her name from the hat which meant Ryan and one of his closest girl friends since he was born, AC and he would be in a runoff.

A runoff. You've got to be kidding! We laughed and laughed about being in a runoff because you know my Mom lost in a runoff for Tax Commissioner.

Fortunately, luck for Ryan was different and he won his post as Student Council Representative!

Once elected, Ryan decided to run for President of Student Council! I'm so thankful that he has so much self esteem. I would've never had the courage to run for anything in elementary school.

He did not win but I am PROUD of him for running. Such a big deal!!! I have really cute picture to post of his signs. I'll try to get them on here asap. Anyway, just wanted to share what he was up to!