Monday, October 8, 2012

The Countdown is On....

I'm only posting this because I found it in my "drafts" folder. I had written it in December of 2010. We had just learned of my grandfather's worsening cancer and here I had claimed that I knew it would be his last Christmas. I'm only posting this because later in my life when I look back on my postings I want to be able to see this.

Last night, as I enjoyed the Ladies Christmas Dinner at our church, I began thinking about what this season means to me. Not just Christmas but this season imparticular. This Christmas, I believe, will mark be the last time some things happen. And some of the things ending will be welcomed by even better traditions.  You see, I believe that this year will be the last year Ryan will be the "only child" because hopefully he will be joined by a new bundle of joy! Every year, we celebrate my Papa's birthday with he and my grandmother, their 8 grandchildren, their 1 great grandchild, and two grandchildren- in - love and Christmas Eve we all gather at their house to celebrate the birth of Jesus. You see these two traditions will change next year because Papa will celebrate his birthday in Heaven and he will celebrate the birth of Jesus with JESUS! Change is hard but it isn't really all that bad.