Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Question of the Day

Babies Can't Wait came today for paperwork. Harper is being re-evaluated for physical therapy. She needs it and well, frankly, I need it. My days of being able to shrug off Haper's lack of movement are over and most days I end up in tears about it. She's almost 13 months old and if she was laying on the floor she wouldn't move until I picked her up. Very heartbreaking.

Crystal (our social worker) asked me "What is the one thing you feel like Harper's delay keeps you two from enjoying? What would you like to see her do?  I immediately felt myself choke by a tear. My response, "We can't enjoy the park. I want to see Harper climb a set of stairs and slide down a slide."

It's really simple the stuff I want her to do. I've cried so many tears over what she can't do and I look forward to crying over what she is going to learn to do. It's going to be awesome!