Thursday, November 15, 2012

Bread of Life

Photo: My sister singing at the Thanksgiving service. Grocery bags full of food will be handed out to all these people. :)
(Photo courtesy of Kimberly Jefferson of KKPhotography.)
And he answered them, “Whoever has two tunics is to share with him who has none, and whoever has food is to do likewise.
Luke 3: 11
Bread of Life is a ministry at my church that feeds the hungry in our community. I am only a bit familiar with the ministry but I know that weekly they feed the hungry in our community. Last night, our church held the annual Community Thanksgiving service. We invite those in need to come for service. It's just for them. There were many of us there for other activities but the actual service was just the needy. I was fortunate to walk through the sanctuary as the seats were filling up. My eyes began to fill with tears and my throat welled. I was overwhelmed at the  number of people in attendance. The first floor was full as was the balcony. I attend a large church. The fact that in my community there were this many needy people was hard to see. All of them had a need but that night all they had was a smile. It was a cold night but for the hours that they were there they would be warm. They were so happy. I'd be bitter and miserable yet they were seeing good even in the worst of circumstances.
I do not drive the nicest car, I do not live in the BEST house, I do not always have an abundance of money in our bank account. I do though have a car, a HOME, and I'm no where near needy. God showed me this last night. He said as bad as times have been for the past couple of years my child, you are not in need.
I've never known true hunger or true poverty.
When the service was finished, they left with a bag of groceries to cook their own Thanksgiving feast. Oh how I have boasted about cooking our feast. How I have boasted about LEFTOVERS! Shame on me. I pray the next time I am boastful that I am not boasting of how I have provided for our family but how God has blessed us.
 I pray the people in attendance last night know that they are loved by God. God who sent their son to die on a cross to save them. Yes, life has been difficult but God didn't promise we wouldn't suffer. He promised an eternal life that all of us can have. I know of a place where known of us who have accepted Jesus Christ as our Savior will never be hungry again- Heaven.
As you go about your Thanksgiving week, remember those in your area who are less fortunate. Pray for them. Pray they feed shelter, warmth, and food. If you can give of yourself and donate food to a local food pantry- do it. God says that if we have abundance we should give that to someone in need.
 I think I should take my own advice and do some donating.