Wednesday, November 7, 2012


(This is a tree from 2011, I'll post our tree from this year in a couple days. I need an extension cord for it to light up!)

People are always telling me I decorate too early. I would (literally) leave my tree up year round if I could. Growing up our living room had beautiful Christmas-y red carpet, exposed beams painted a hunter green, and a wallpaper border that was also Christmas colors. The piano was in the living room and a huge gorgeous brick fire place that took up an entire wall. This room screamed Christmas. My mom's Christmas village was placed in the built ins. My childhood was awesome. I remember this "Christmas" room fondly. I remember Christmases with lots of presents but the birth of Jesus was the main focus. I want to recapture that magic. I want to relish in the Christmas season. It's such a special time of year! Oh I love it!

Last year, I was postpartum and a bit miserable. For the first time,  my Papa wasn't here to celebrate with us and I was heart broken. Years before that, I was consumed with the wonder if it would be his last Christmas. There was also for a couple years the dread that I couldn't give my kids the Christmas they deserve. Well, none of that is consuming me. No one is sick. We have enough and are able to give. God has been good to us and I want to celebrate him. I want to celebrate Christmas. I want to be jump up and down and turn flips y'all cause as hard as life has been it's so stinking amazing right now.

The question that gets me is "What about Thanksgiving?" What about it? Does my tree prevent me from eating turkey. Or being thankful? Nope! I'm thankful it's almost Christmas. But more than that, I can eat turkey under my tree. And if I did decorate for Thanksgiving what would that look like? Turkeys every where? Um, no thanks. You do know that I am TERRIFIED of birds, right?

Some of you may decorate for Thanksgiving with beautiful fall colors and pumpkins! That's wonderful. But for me, I decorate early and I eat turkey under the tree. It works!

Merry Thanksgiving!