Friday, November 16, 2012

{Confessional} Friday

Good Mornin Y’all!

It’s Friday! Can I get a Hallelujah!?!?! It’s Thanksgiving break!!! Woot Woot! So we all know what that means!
I must confess that if my stress level gets any higher I’m going to jump off a bridge. Let’s just say I’ve got a load that I’m carrying that I’d let anyone carry for me if they want. Any volunteers?

1. In 5 hours, my Lil Dude will be home for 9 days! Woot!

2. I bought Harper a 5’ tall Minnie Mouse doll for Christmas. It’s insane and awesome!

3. I have bought Christmas presents but there are none under my tree. Makes me sad!

4. I’m ready for Thanksgiving.

5. I miss my Papa. This is our second holiday season without him. I thought it would get
easier but it doesn’t.

You can just see the sweetness in those eyes!

6. My girl is 14 months today. She still can’t get herself into sitting on a regular basis, won’t bear weight on her right leg, and she isn’t walking. She can scoot, get into stuff, and is a good sleeper. She gives the best hugs and kisses. I am in love with her.

7. I found out that Belk’s is having an awesome boot sale on Black Friday. Stoked!

8. I went to the doctor this week because I’ve felt awful. Blood results back Monday- prayers please!