Monday, November 12, 2012


I missed the link up party this week but I need to air some confessions. I mean last week was INTENSE. As I talked with friends I realized quickly I was not alone. I think that Satan was in full throttle mode. He was attacking everyone VIA our children. What in the world? Who does? Well, Satan. I am commanding him to get out of my home! No place for that here!

1. Right now, Harper is taking her first decent nap in over a week. Whew. I was dying for some me time.

2. We are loving our new church or being back at my home church I should say.

3. We are already talking about our New Year's resolutions.

4. I can't get my "ex" to make arrangement for Lil Dude and the holidays and it is driving me bonkers. I have to be understanding with all he is dealing with his father but it's pushing my limits.

5. I drove my Nana yesterday to Calhoun and it was pleasant to be with her for the afternoon.

6. My weekly Bible study group is finished with the book we were doing. I'm really sad to be finished!

7. I am counting down until Thanksgiving break. I need a vacation!!!