Friday, November 9, 2012

Good Moms?

This quote frustrates the life out of me!!! I see it all the time on Pinterest and today it was available as a poster on Zulilly. Are you kidding me? I almost always have mopped floors, a clean kitchen, no laundry, I don't use my oven and HAPPY KIDS. Because I chose to clean my house, does that make me a bad Momma? No? Are we sure? I'm not sold that a woman CAN have it all so does the fact that I have a fairly clean house make me a bad Mom? I sure hope not.

Now if it said something like:
Being a Good Mom means:
not mopping the floor so you can hold the baby
having a dirty kitchen because you played outside
or you've got a dirty oven because well just because
That's different.
I will always ALWAYS ALWAYS chose playing, holding, snuggling my children over chores. But there is a lot of free time too because I'm a stay at home mom. There is always nap time. I am also a firm believer in letting Cupcake do her own thing for a little while which means I can clean up. I try to do a load of laundry every morning so it rarely piles up.
Anyway, I am a good mother and I have a clean house, period. This quote gripes me. Hope I'm not alone in that. I am also a good mother on the days I am not motivated to clean or that I chose to be in the floor all day with the kids. They are only young once so if you are spending your life invested in them and say they don't ever nap then by all means sticky floors, laundry, and dirty kitchens are what is best.
And if you are a working mother. Bless you. I have the most respect for you. I have NO IDEA how y'all do what you do and you do it so very well. You working mothers have a pass that us stay at home moms don't have. I've probably opened a can of worms but it's how I feel! 
I'm done letting this quote make me feel like I don't spend enough time with my kids. DONE! :-)
Love y'all! Have a good one!