Thursday, November 8, 2012

I'm so Brave!!!

Yesterday afternoon I was at the point of intense frustration and I was ready to quit the nanny gig. I came home on Sunday night at 8pm and yesterday afternoon I realized I had not left my house since. Are you kidding me?!?!?!
I call the hubs to vent my frustration and he responds, "You are about to go to church. You are getting out of the house in about two hours!" I informed him how I wanted to be getting out because I wanted to get out and not because it was a scheduled event. Do not misunderstand. I love going to church and praising Jesus! But I was upset because I'm a girl on the go. I like going to Hobby Lobby or lunch with the girls. I really couldn't remember the last time during the week that I left my house during the day to do something I wanted.
Well, I started talking to God about it. I prayed my attitude would change. God reminded me that when we were praying for my husband's promotion that I said I wanted to be able to bless others. He reminded me that while I do get paid to be a nanny, I took on the responsibility to care for Skipper because it was a blessing to his mother. I have left a child in daycare and been miserable at work and I wanted Skipper's mom to be able to enjoy working and know that her child is loved because he is. God showed me this as I prayed about quitting the nanny gig and about getting out of the house. I knew there had to be a way to have what I wanted (getting out of the house) while continue to bless others.
So today, I decide I'm going out! I call the bestie and ask her to come join us and she declined because she too works from home.  I fed the kiddos a fast lunch. I popped them in the car. We head to the grocery store for pouches. I'd be lost with applesauce pouches.
Then, y'all I took these two kiddos to the park!
I'm no longer miserable. I can get out of my house!!! This is such an awesome revelation! I was actually planning on going to the school for lunch with the older child but we had a stroller mishap and the double is in my husband's car BOO!
Anyway, I had to share how BRAVE I am! I'm so excited I ventured out on my own and I did it very successfully!!!