Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Let's Pray

As I sit here sipping my Starbucks Via Pumpkin Spice, my heart and mind are focused on a little boy, Tripp Halstead, that I do not know. I will likely never meet him but my thoughts have been consumed with him. Tripp was injured on Monday, October 30 during a time we were experiencing high winds. I live northwest of Atlanta and Tripp lives northeast of Atlanta so I can't speak of the winds he was experiencing. However, here at home, the winds were STRONG and a result of Hurricane Sandy.

Here's an excerpt from an Atlanta Journal article:
With his spiked blonde hair, blue eyes and constant smile, 2-year-old Tripp Halstead is used to attention, even from strangers. He loves having his picture taken so much, he’s been known to jump into other’s people’s pictures.
“People are drawn to him,” his father, Bill Halstead, told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “What you see in the pictures is 100 percent him. He’s second to none.”
But never has the attention meant as much as it does now, as Tripp lies in critical condition in a bed at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston. Tuesday night marked 24 hours since the toddler underwent brain surgery, hours after being struck by a falling tree limb while at his Winder daycare center.
It was a freak accident on an unusually windy day. But it left the ever-happy Barrow County boy fighting for his life, and his parents and other family members praying for a miracle.
I follow this little boy on Facebook and I have learned he loves Cars and he is a fighter. As much as I am praying for a miracle for this little child of the King, I am hurting for his mother. Again, I don't know this family. But I've sat at Scottish Rite of Atlanta and held my son's hand for weeks, days, and numerous surgeries. I have never prayed for my son to live so I can only imagine what those feelings are like. I am praying this Momma has strength, rest, and patience. As Moms we often hurt when another of us is hurting. I know I'm not alone in that feeling.
Matthew 18:20 teaches us, "For where two or three come together in my Name, there I am with them." You may be like me and have never heard of this family but God knows them. God knows every hair on their heads and every hope their hearts have ever had. Join me in praying a miracle for this little boy and pray specifically for his Mom. Pray she knows she is loved from afar. I know they are fund raising right now so Mom can be with Tripp all the time and throughout his recovery. Pray that they raise whatever funds they need for this to happen. Pray for his Daddy to be able to be a tower of strength and that their marriage would be enriched through this horrific tragedy. Pray that they can feel the presence of God like never before.

Most people think that Hurricane Sandy only affected those in the north. But here in the south we did have some damage as a result of the wind off the storm (in my opinion). Remember, I'm not a weather man. This little boy who has touched my heart is just one story of a family affected. If you feel lead to learn more and donate, you can find them at Tripp Halstead Updates on Facebook. I encourage you to give if you can.
Thanks in advance for praying and donating to this family. #TEAMBOOM (a phrase used often when the family talks about the fight they are fighting.)