Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My journey with PCOS

PCOS PCOS-1.jpg photo
I never thought I'd ever be diagnosed with PCOS. I have a very dear friend who has it so I knew a few things about it and I knew for certain it was something I didn't want to have. I was diagnosed because for 6 months I have been very symptomatic. It started with tiredness, hair falling out, and DIZZINESS.  I went to my general practitioner and he ran some general blood tests. All the test came back "within normal limits" His response was to exercise.
Fast forward to the beginning of November. I was still DIZZY, tired, and losing hair but I also was growing hair on my chest and face like a man and crying about everything. I talked to my Mom and one of my dearest friends. My Mom said it sounded hormonal. My dear friend (the one with PCOS) said it sounded like PCOS.
I called my OB on Wednesday, November 14 and spoke to his nurse. She was concerned and the earliest time for me to come in was the 19th. She urged me to go to my doctor in the meantime for blood work. I decided to NOT go to my general practitioner but to use a new "doc in the box", Dr. Wigley. Dr. Wigley is a family friend so I knew he'd listen and believe me. He is also a friend of my OB, Dr. Kadum. Dr. Wigley ordered blood tests that would look for thyroid problems, diabetes, cholesterol, and would check my estrogen. He did not check my testosterone.
I spoke to Wigley's office Monday morning to remind them to fax over the blood tests and they said "It's all within normal limits." I swear a little bit of me died right there on the spot. These symptoms were not in my head. I was urged to keep my OB appt because it could be something.
Met with my OB and immediately upon examining the blood test results, he said "I think it's PCOS." Something about my cholesterol numbers doubling. My ultrasound revealed ovaries covered in cysts. After the ultrasound he diagnosed what we both already expected- PCOS.
I'm not the usual face of this disease. I didn't find out while trying to conceive. Although my doctor suspects I have had PCOS my entire life. I never had difficulty becoming pregnant. My oldest was a total "blessing" and we tried with Harper and became pregnant almost immediately. I was told that they Mirena I was on before trying for Harper acts similarly to Metformin and that's likely why she was so easy and Ryan was just a "blessing".
There is nothing like hearing a doctor say, "The worst part is that you will likely never get pregnant again." Yes, in theory we were done. But we had not taken steps to make this decision permanent. I'm saddened but I trust in God's ultimate timing and praise him that I haven't known this disease the way most women have.
I was put on two different medications, told to research the best PCOS diet and exercise regularly.
This is my story. It's just beginning. I hope to shed light on simply living with PCOS.