Monday, November 12, 2012

Once a Month Meals...

So my dearest friend in the entire world, Alison, asked me to join her and her sister on an adventure, "Once a Month Meals". The goal is to prepare freezer meals for an entire month! Woot! I prepare one day for about 2 hours and BAM! I'm done! Done for an ENTIRE month.

The idea behind it is that you get together with 5 other ladies so there are 6 ladies total. Each lady makes 2 recipes 12 times. Then you swap around with the other ladies and you have 24 meals to take home. You still have to cook them but the prep work is done. Do you hear me? Do you hear how easy this is going to be for me and my family. Woot!

In anticipation today, I cleaned out my freezer. I swear it was NASTY. And now it is EMPTY! It's awaiting 24 delicious meals.

Brian said this morning that he wanted to be a better steward with our money. Here's to that!!! Cheers! Alright, stay tuned. I'm going to prepare on Saturday and meet with my group on Monday. I cannot wait!