Tuesday, November 27, 2012


My life right now is a series of trying to figure out what to eat when and how to manage PCOS. When I think about how horrible I've felt over the past few months, I know that I am willing to try anything. That willingness though is difficult to translate into will power and perseverance.

I never knew the infertility side of this disease and as I search for resources, I believe I'm the sole person managing this that is not trying for a baby. I have literally thanked God that I didn't know that side of it. I have cried many tears with my best friend who does know this disease this way, though. Managing PCOS is different for every person because to each of us this disease is life changing in one way or another.

Did you know that PCOS can lead to infertility, heart disease, uterine cancer, Type II diabetes, and insulin resistance?

So when your neighbor, best friend, or perhaps you are diagnosed with PCOS don't discount how life changing this disease is when managed well. One of the first things my doctor told me to do was to cut out sugar. Any idea how hard that is? It's like cutting off your arm one centimeter at a time or shooting yourself in the eye with a bullet going slower than a turtle. It is HARD. I'm on day 3 of no soda and day 2 of low carbs. 
UGH! Okay, back to changing my life one day at a time!