Thursday, January 24, 2013

Goodbye Euharlee...

We've lived on Euharlee Road for the past 4 and a half years in a home that has been in my family since the mid 1950s. My great Uncle Carl and his beloved wife Francis called this home for years. They raised three girls here and countless grandchildren cruised the rooms. There are times that I can still feel their presence.

It became our home in 2008. We were mere weeks away from our wedding and no idea where we were going to live. Brian was relocating from Alabama. I had moved out of my town house and in with my parents right before we got engaged. We looked for a house and nothing really fit what we were looking for. Having paid for the wedding ourselves, we were not at a place to buy a home either. At the time I was working in Buckhead and he was working in Hiram. Cartersville was pretty much the middle. Our current home was available and it seemed like the perfect place to plant ourselves for a little bit. We weren't going to stay long. Maybe a year.

Well, four years later and we are saying goodbye. It's heart breaking but what we want to do. I cooked my Papa steak here just the way he liked it. Nothing on the top. I  have held Ryan through the pains of surgery here. I have fought with Brian and made up here. When the news came that my Papa's cancer was worse we were here. When the news came that Ryan's bone graph didn't work and that he would have the most painful surgery again, we were here. When I was on bedrest for 6 months, we were here. When my Papa died, we were here. When Harper rolled for the first time, we were here. When we met our God sent therapist, we were here. When my dog Bailey died, we were here. Dupont was here. When Brian lost his job, we were here. When I became a stay at home mom, we were here. I met Bennett here. I lived here when I reconciled with my best friend after a year of time apart. The walls have heard our fights, our prayers, and our tears. When we walk out these doors for the last time, I have no doubt that I will cry. I have grown emmensely as a person, a friend, a wife while living here.

We have prayed the entire time we've lived here for our next step. Where would God send us? We prayed about moving to Florida with Brian's job. We prayed about relocating to somewhere else. I had a feeling that when I saw our next house that I would just know. As we toured our new home for the first time, Brian asked "Is this it?" I replied, "Is it?" Admittedly, he was more excited about moving than I was. He felt like this house had fallen into our lap. As I stood in our new room and walked to the top of the stairs, I said, "Yes, this is it."

We will move at the end of February and begin a new life in a new home less than 5 miles away. When I told my grandmothers we were moving, I began by saying "I'm pregnant" followed by "We are having to relocate to Orlando". Then I said, "We are moving down the street." Neither thought it was funny that we might move to Orlando.

I'm excited to live in a neighborhood. I hope we can be Light there. I pray that as we entertain others in our home that God is evident there. It is His blessing and guidance that has gotten us where we are headed. Through His blessing, we say "goodbye" and "hello" to the next chapter. God's gone before us. He lines the way.