Thursday, April 25, 2013

Good Morning, Beautiful!

Good Morning, Beautiful! How was your night? Mine was wonderful with you by my side!!! 

Y'all know that Good Morning, Beautiful! is a song right?!?! I love this song and I love who I share my nights with more than I love anything else in this world except my Jesus. However, I am the HEAVIEST I have EVER been. He and I together are a deadly combo. We love to eat, spend money, and have fun. It's hard to reign all that in sometimes but we are trying! Brian and I have been for a year focused (on and off) on losing weight. At the encouragement of my sweet friend, Karen, we have been trying a new way of eating for the past couple of weeks. It's working!!! 

This morning, I weighed and I have reached a weight I haven't been in SIX years. I can finally put on pants or tops that I haven't worn in ages. I wore a cardigan sweater with some capris the other night and I haven't worn this cardigan since before I was pregnant with Ryan. Do not judge me for wearing old clothes. Some things NEVER go out of style! 

I'm so excited about our journey! We are going extremely low carb, however, we allow ourselves to eat fruit just not bananas. 

More good news: well before I share if you are going to be judgmental, please, stop reading my blog RIGHT now. Okay, more good news, in November after a summer of sobbing I was put on medication for depression. I needed it. I was losing me. My dose was small but just enough to help me. Depression is a side effect of PCOS but I was also depressed because of all I was going through with Harper. Well, I had my last prescription filled on April 6. 19 days ago and I have had only 7 doses. I'm really excited about that. I don't feel like I really need it anymore. 

Just had to share that I'm excited about my weight loss and how I'm handling my depression. 

Y'all have a blessed day!