Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Hello... it's been a while!

Cupcake and I are getting ready for her physical therapy appointment so I'm sort of running around like a chicken with my head cut off!! HA! I remembered this appointment last night around 8pm and I was already in a "go to bed" frame of mind so cleaning the house just didn't happen. WHOOPS! This morning, I really need to wash my hair, really! So I thought "CONFESSION" time! I go an extremely long time (like 3-4 days) without washing my hair. Have I said that I have oily hair? Cause I do. It's a fact, jack!

This is my routine: 
Day 1. Wash, dry, style, volumize with velcro rollers. 
Day 2: Wear it in a pony tail or down depending on my bravery.
Day 3: HAT DAY! I look adorable in a hat! If I am ever at my son's middle school while wearing a hat, I ALWAYS am told to "go to class" then I remind the teacher or administrator that I am in fact a PARENT. They can't believe it. What can I say about good genes? 
Day 4: I ask myself, "Self, do you have anywhere important to go?" If yes, then I wash my hair! If no, then I wear a hat AGAIN! 

Wow. I can't believe I'm going to put this on the internet! HAHAHA! But it's true. My goal in sharing this is I want other Mommas to know "YOU ARE NOT ALONE". It's hard to do it all well. This entire conversation that I was having in my mind today, reminded me of this quote:

My son who is 11 will never remember that Momma wore a hat several days a week. He will remember this: 


That I encouraged him to particpate in "College Day" for Red Ribbon week at his school and even painted his hair!

I don't care what the world sees when the look at me. I care what the Lord sees. I care what my husband sees. I care what my children see. And through these eyes, I am a child of the King, a wonderful wife, and a Mom who gives all she's got to kids who deserve the very best.

So Momma, if you stumble upon my post and you are tired and your hair is dirty. It's okay and you aren't alone! I'm right there with you!