Thursday, January 9, 2014

War Eagle?

Brian calls me from his office: Babe, have you heard the bad news? 
Me: Uh, no. 
Brian: Tre Mason is going pro. 


I relayed this bit of information to my 11 year old son, Ryan. 

His response, "He is not ready for that? He's so stupid."

I replied, "I don't think he is stupid. He has dreamed since he was probably 5 years old about chasing this dream.

Ryan: Whatever.

I seriously think Auburn is going to cause Ryan my 11 year old son to have a massive heart attack. He knows everything about Auburn. Let me rephrase that he knows everything about sports. He studies sports like it is an addiction. He reads Sport Illustrated and watches Sports Center and talks and talks about sports.

However, we bleed blue and orange. Tre Mason or not. War Eagle!