Monday, March 17, 2014

6 weeks!

In six weeks, I'll send my son into the operating room at Scottish Rite for his THIRTEENTH surgery! This doesn't even seem possible. I am so overwhelmed with worry that I can't even mention this without my words catching in my chest.

Along with this surgery , comes an entire set of circumstances that I've never dealt with: being homebound from school, missing required standardized testing and coming up with a plan to take these tests, and the level of seriousness of the surgery.

I am so thankful for my faith, it's these times that I CLING to my Savior. I hand Him all of my fear, my worry, my doubt, and I say, "Lord, carry this because I can't." 

Laura Story's song "So I can just be Me" is my song right now. The words say everything I struggle to say. I listen to this all the time.