Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Adventures in Potty Training!

How is it possible that the sweet baby swaddled in the bottom right photo is now in the potty training phase? My heart is literally breaking over the speed at which my baby girl is growing up! 

Adventures in Potty Training have officially begun! Yesterday should have been a school day but Sunday afternoon, out of nowhere, Harper threw up so that meant "no school". Harper and I were sitting around, watching Frozen, and I was working on the blog and BAM! I decided "today is the day"!

The mountain (aka potty training) has seemed so daunting. I worked full time when Ryan was little so I had a lot of help in this area. This time, it is up to me. So it is time. 

I brought downstairs: beach towels, all of her panties, and pulled out her princess potty. I sat everything up in the living room. I programmed my phone timer to go off every 20 minutes. I put Harper in a pair of boy shorts and we were on our way!

4 accidents and not a single use of the princess potty, it is safe to say, "I have no clue what I am doing!" and that Adventures in Potty Training: Day 1 was an epic failure! At least I can laugh at myself!

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