Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Confessional Tuesday!

Yes, these link ups with A Blonde Ambition usually to happen on Fridays.  Leslie over at A Blonde Ambition still does her "confessional" on Fridays but it's easier for me on lazy days during nap to "confess"!

1. I confess that it is 3:25pm and I am in my pajamas. What this really means is that I am still wearing the make up from YESTERDAY! Gross.

2. I confess that I am the worst Mom. I started potty training my daughter yesterday. Before nap, she had 4 accidents and had yet to "go" in the potty. What am I doing wrong?

3. I confess that some days (even though it has been 3 years since he died), I think about going to watch Cash Cab with my grandfather because I have forgotten for a moment that I can't do that.

4. I confess that I secretly love that my toddler is gangster and says "What you doin?" like a mini Mafia queen every single day at least a hundred times.

5. I confess that I feel like we are the only people in our small town that is not going to the beach for spring break!

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