Friday, April 4, 2014

Confessional Friday: {Link Up}

How is it Friday already?! Time is flying by! This isn't a problem EXCEPT that it brings my son's surgery closer! 

Let's just get to the point- confession. 

1. I confess these Sam & Libby shoes are the cutest shoes that I have purchased in quiet some time! And did I mention that they are Sam & Libby. It's like my childhood all over again! Let me also mention they are from Target! 

Women's Sam & Libby Kamilla Sandals
2. I confess that thinking of Sam & Libby reminds me of my child hood and wearing these:

                                              Women's Sam & Libby Chelsea Bow Genuine Leather Flat - Assorted Colors
The fact that you can order these is le-gan-WAIT FOR IT-dary!

3. I confess Spring Break is next week and I am glad EXCITED that both of my children will be home all day! 

4. I confess that for the first time in YEARS- when I look in the mirror at myself, I do not want to immediately barf! 

5. I confess that I gave up potty training my daughter but the past few days she's shown signs of interest so next week is THE WEEK!

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