Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Goal Accomplished!

Earlier this year, I was sorting through boxes of clothes in our basement that I had not worn in at least 10 years! I am not even sure why I kept them but I am so thankful I did! When I discovered this little beauty

I knew that I wanted to wear it for Easter Sunday. It's a size 4. 4! I tried it on and I looked much like a busted can of biscuits!!! But, I set the goal to wear it and on Easter, I did just that! 

(Shout out to my Nana for ironing the silk beast of a dress for me!)

I am so excited to have set a goal and met it!

Let's set a new goal together. My next goal is to go down a size in my exercise pants. I wear Danskin. I currently wear a size Large. I'd like to hit the goal by August 1st. I'll keep you posted! 

What's your goal? 
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