Friday, May 30, 2014

Confessional Friday: Modesty Edition

On Fridays, I will occasionally "link up" with Leslie from A Blonde Ambition, I love reading A Blonde Ambition and today she mentions a topic {modesty} that really resonates to my soul. In 2014, I have lost 30 + pounds and I'm realizing with my changing body there are so many options out there for how I dress!  I used to have a career in retail management working for some rather large fashion forward companies like Coach, Inc and The Limited. So I love me some fashion...

Anyway, let's get to "confessing" before I start preaching on modesty...

1. I confess as much as I love fashion, I am a child of the King! I am a Christian and a motto that I believe and teach my children is "modest is hottest".

2. I confess, however, that at our neighborhood pool, I sport a bikini. No, not a tankini a straight up bikini. I worked hard to lose 30 pounds and I can wear a bikini so I wear it. {Read on, I don't wear it ALL the time.}

3. I confess, our pool is often "just moms" or "just us" most of the time. On the days that I know it will be crowded or days that we are laying out with "mixed" company, I do in fact wear a tankini or a one piece. 

4. I confess my most intimate parts of my body are for my husband's eyes only and I dress accordingly.  

5. I confess if I think that something I wear will cause another person to stumble then I am most definitely going to change. 

6. I confess that "leggings" are the worst invention ever. They need to come with a line drawn on the thigh that a shirt must come past. 

7. I confess that the high school I attended in Rome, Georgia had the best dress code and I still remember most of the elements when I am dressing for summer. If you put a dollar bill across the top of your knee then your shorts should come to the top of the dollar bill. {Hold the dollar bill horizontally.}

8. I confess that when I attend corporate worship, I wear my best. I encourage my children to do this too. It's not to impress others. It's respect for the KING. If I were going to see the President, I would not wear ratty jeans. Now, I do wear jeans to church sometimes and there is nothing wrong with this but I do so in a respectable manner. No holes. No tears. No stains. 

9. I confess I hear often that I am "old fashioned". Being told I am old fashioned is the biggest compliment even if it is meant as an insult.

10. I confess, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this quote by Marc Jacobs. So much truth. 

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