Sunday, June 8, 2014

Bye Bye- Babies Can't Wait

I received a phone call on Tuesday, June 2nd from our Babies Can't Wait case worker. It was time to make a decision: close the chart or move forward for placing Harper in the special needs preschool in our area. I am THANKFUL that we have a special needs preschool and I am overcome with PRAISE that my girl does not need this school. 

We signed the paperwork to close Harper's chart yesterday. No more physical therapy because she is caught up!  I found this picture over the weekend from November of 2012. 

Our girl was FOURTEEN months old. She had yet to roll over. At fourteen months old, she was at the level of a 4 - 6 month old baby.  The other undated stuff she had not done yet. Obviously some of it was way too early but I love visual reminders that God is at work in our lives. Oh the tears I have cried over this child's mobility and the answered prayers we celebrated all along the way. I seriously almost cry every time I see my child jump and those two feet come off the floor. 

Thank you to our sweet friends who rallied around us in those early days when I felt defeated. A friend taught me that God chose me for this and that I was stronger than I ever gave myself credit for. Two of my closest friends held me in those early days when I couldn't find words to describe the heart ache and you loved me when all I wanted to do was crawl under my bed. My dad built a PVC contraption that taught Harper how to walk and I have always loved knowing that he loved my girl enough to make a device for her.  Our preschool department at our church found a place for Harper in the nursery that would love her through all of her needs. The school at our church spoke hope to me when we added speech to the regimen. And I can't not mention my inner circle [Amy, Sally, and Nicole] they weren't there when the journey started but they are here now and in the words of Nicole "tears of joys"!! (These guys are the friends who never believed Harper was every delayed and cause me to laugh each time I am concerned.)

I believe that our physical therapist taught Harper everything she knows how to do. You are an angel in the flesh and I am so thankful you were my girl's therapist.  Y'all there are countless people who prayed for Harper and cried with us as we awaited CT results. There were lots of you who rejoiced when we learned that low muscle tone was the only issue. 

Dr. Young always said Harper wouldn't be the best dancer and every night I see my husband sway Harper back and forth in the living room and I know that he was wrong. Dr. Young also said that when this chapter closed, I would look back and feel like it was the longest journey ever. He is right about that. 

It took a long time to get here. God has been good to us. Harper received therapy for 13 months in that amount of time she improved 30 months or more. Harper went from the level of a 4-6 month old to a level of 36 months or higher. Harper is 32 months old. Our case worker kept saying that Harper was probably capable all along or maybe stubborn. I believe God healed her. I was here every day. My girl wasn't lazy. She was restored. I surrendered my want and my will to the Lord and I told him that no matter what I would serve Him through it all. I prayed daily over my sweet girl's limbs and slowly God restored the strength to those muscles that were failing her. 

We worked hard for the day therapy would no longer be needed! And it is finally her! Go HARPER!!! I look forward to watching you blossom into the beautiful princess God created you to be! 
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