Friday, June 27, 2014

Confessional Friday: June 27


Let's just get straight to "confessing": 

I confess this week has been a whirlwind of emotions from happiness to tears. 

I confess I miss my church family so much that my heart physically hurts. 

I confess I am so over my husband's work schedule yet I am trying to be joyful that he has a j-o-b. 

I confess that this was a good week for my little AdvoCare business. 

I confess that I miss my grandparents so much and they don't come home until next week. 

I confess that I had to ground my boy Ryan. Responsibility isn't his strong suit and I was tired of saying the same thing all the time. He never gets in trouble and I hate punishing him. 

I confess that my girl is obsessed with Christmas right now. She wants to read Christmas books and watch Christmas movies. Love of Christmas must be genetic. 

I confess Ryan spent the day with his paternal grandmother and I have missed him greatly. 

I confess last night at the funeral home this little old man I had never seen said, "You sure are pretty!" and it made my day. I also heard someone tell my Mom that I was looking "great". 
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