Friday, June 6, 2014

Confessional Friday: Weekend Edition


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It's Friday, y'all! Praise the Lord!!! I love "confessional" friday where I link up with A Blonde Ambition! 

1. I confess- my husband is off again this weekend and I am so excited!!! He never has two weekends in a row off!

2. I confess- tomorrow, I am spending the day sans kiddos with my mom, grandmother, and great aunt as we shop at the Dixie Highway 90 Mile Yard Sale!! Woo hoo!!

3. I confess- Ryan's surgery is next week and I am so ready to wrap up this journey but y'all can I just say that there is a fear in my heart that he will have to go back to PICU. I am praying protection of my child and healing for his mouth. God is the Great Physician and I keep telling myself that. 

4. I confess- we joined AdvoCare last night!!! 

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5. I confess- I finished this book today. Wow! Just wow! If you haven't read it and you are a typical mom who wasn't given loads and loads of patience run to the store and buy it. So good! 

6. I confess- for an hour at least my 12 year old and my two year old played "hide and seek". The laughter filling the air was the best sound. I stopped what I was doing and joined them. We laughed and laughed! It was awesome!!! 

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