Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day!

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Happy Father's Day! defines father as a relation to a man's natural child. You can be a biological father without actually being a Dad. Almost any man can be a "father" but only a select few can be a "Dad". These four men are the best Dads there are. Hands down. Without a doubt.

I am blessed y'all. Starting with my grandfathers, Urby (bottom left) and Grady (bottom right) (he passed away in 2011). These two men loved and adored me from day 1. My Papa (Grady) was one of my greatest friends and still today I miss him. He has been gone 3 years. He would call me "Sweetie Pie" and kiss the side of my face near the temple every time he saw me. When I would leave him, he would say, "Remember what I told you. You are my sweetie pie!" or "Remember whose you are and who you are." (Meaning I was to remember what family I belong and that I am a Christian.) My Grandaddy (Urby) is a soft spoken man but shows love through the tightest hugs. Grandaddy loves my children! I think Harper may be his favorite girl, period. But he would like not ever say that. Grandaddy can be found always working in someone's yard or offering a helping hand. His love comes through action. I am so thankful that Ryan and maybe Harper will remember both of his great grandfathers.

I get emotional thinking about my Dad. From the day I was born, my Daddy has been invested in me. He rocked me. He is who I wanted when I was sick. He came to every single sporting event possible. He took me to work with him. And once a week, we would go to Waffle House for breakfast. I'd tell him all of my secrets. We fight hard but we also love hard. Whenever we do fight and make up, the fight is never mentioned again. Reminds me of someone else I know- Jesus. My dad doesn't keep a record of wrongs and even if he does he doesn't talk about it and I have wronged him A LOT. Anytime, I need a friend to vent with I call my Dad. He is a great Dad but he is a better Grandpa. I love watching him with my kids! Through everything  we've gone through recently with Ryan, my dad is the one who stepped in and volunteered to man things at home with Harper. As important as it was for me to be with Ryan that would not have been possible withtout my Dad. I don't ever want to forget his generosity. 

Last but not least my husband, Brian. Brian's dad has not been present in his life for 28 years. Even though, his earthly father left him at an early age, Brian found his Heavenly Father when he was a teenager. He knew God would never leave him and he clung to those truths.

Brian's relationship with the Lord brought him out of a desperate situation and turned his life around. Before Brian and I met, I was given some dating advice, "Find someone, Leslie, who will love Ryan. That is the greatest gift you can give Ryan." I did exactly that. I found someone who has and will always love Ryan as if Ryan were his son. Brian is the best Dad and helpmate. He comes home from a long day of work to take care of Harper. He works hard so I can stay at home. He is actively involved in all of our kid's activities. I have no idea how a man becomes such a great Dad when the examples he had were less than stellar but hands down Brian is the BEST! I am so blessed to call this man, mine!

There are things I would tell these men if I had the chance: 

- Thank you for believing in me when I gave you nothing to believe in. 
- Thank you for making me laugh. 
- Thank you for pointing me to the Cross. 
- I appreciate you. 
- The long hours you worked or work don't go unnoticed. Thank you for working hard so I could have a great life! 
- When the time comes and I need to take care of you, it will be my pleasure. 

I love you guys! 

Be sure to tell the "Dads" in your life how much they mean to you!
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