Thursday, June 5, 2014

Have you heard?! We joined AdvoCare!

Have you heard?!?! Brian and I became independent distributors for Advocare!!! 

Why do I need to to do something? 

I have been a stay at home mom since May 2011. I was pregnant with Harper and bed rest for 5 months of the pregnancy. I never came off of bed rest and thus my employer was forced to replace my position. Honestly, I was never disappointed that didn’t have a job to return to but it sure would have helped us financially. It's been three years. We've managed but not well. There has not been an abundance of money but we aren't lacking either. 

Earlier this year, my husband changed career paths and started working in the auto industry. Our thought after Brian received the offer was that it would be a better financial choice as well as provide my husband with opportunity for advancement. He is underwriting auto loans for a well-known financial institution and HE LOVES IT! Seriously, loves it! There is not (at first) much more money than the base salary. We had thought there would be commission earnings that would fill in the gaps in our budget.  Most commission is earned after you've been in the job for 12 months. 

When we considered things were already tight we had to accept that our income was barely covering our expenses and add in the expenses of this year that we have encountered for our son's surgery. 

Direct Sales vs A Real Job

This is the big kicker right here, folks. A "real job" provides a paycheck. Paycheck equals money and money equals less financial woes. I love being a stay at home though. Oh, how I love it! But I recognize how we could benefit from additional income. Att the discouragement of my husband, though, I applied for a 30 hour position where I work out. It was extremely early hours but it was j.o.b. I assumed with all of my retail management and customer service experience that I would be the perfect candidate for the job. I didn't even get an interview. I have small children and small children get sick. I could be mad at this but I'm not. I explained to the hiring manager when I was told  I would not be getting the job that I prayed about this opportunity. I asked the Lord to give me this job. I wanted it. I needed it. When I didn't get it, I knew that was God saying "this is not it"

My career passion is retail. When I was a young 20 something wife, my dream was the upper east side of New York. Seriously. I was working for The Limited and I had dreams. Little did I know, that a 5 pound 11 ounce baby boy was going to rock my world and give me new dreams. There is not an ounce of my soul that regrets that I didn't move to the Big Apple. I would give up all my dreams for my children. Ryan was not cleared to attend day care until he was 1 year old. I gave up my career and I became a Mom. Best choice I ever made. When Ryan was ready for day care, The Limited welcomed me back and I knew this time, my career wouldn't take me outside Atlanta. I had changed my dreams but I was still say my retail career was successful and my employers were good to me. I worked until shortly after Brian and I married and I gave up the career and long hours because the taste I had as a full time Momma was what I longed to do. I only went back to work in 2010 because Brian had lost his job with Regions and couldn't find employment. I, however, did find an office job with a meager wage. 

For me to work full time outside the home, the position has to pay enough to make child care worth it. I'm not working just to pay for daycare. Without a college degree that leaves me little options except going back to what I know- retail. Retail means long hours. Holiday work. Weekend hours. Being retail management means I work when no one wants to and that store becomes my life. That is a life that is unfair to my children but I would do it. 

When you look at my kids though, they BOTH have special care needs. Harper does extremely well with her hypotonia these days and she has graduated from Babies Can't wait but our pediatrician has always cautioned at any given moment she can relapse. Ryan goes to Scottish Rite every 6 weeks or more even when he isn't in a "surgery season". From August to April, Ryan missed 13 days of school. Do I look like an ideal candidate for a job? No. Knowing what I know about our needs , I would have to discuss this in an interview. Sure, I could not tell a perspective employer until after I got the job but what does that say about me? That I was so desperate for a full time job that I deceived my way there? My momma says "All you got is in this life is your reputation, you better protect it." I'd never lie or deceive my way to a j-o-b. 

At the end of the day, I want to be Brian's wife and the mother to my children. I don't want to be away 40 plus hours. My kids are only young once. Knowing all of the above circumstances led Brian and I to the decision that direct sales is the better option . We scouted at twenty five companies from skin care to make up to fitness. And the resounding thought playing in my mind was FITNESS. 

We cut off our cable, scaled back our cell phone bill, put limits on our data usage, started cooking more, listened to my Dad share about Dave Ramsey, and decided with a couple hundred a month from partnering with a direct selling company we could let me be Momma, Wife, Ladies Bible Study leader, volunteer, care giver to my grandparents, and encourager to my friends. I was already using Advocare and I believe in the products so I said "yes"!

These two kiddos are my WHY? They want a Momma who is home and a life full of things that really matter! 

Why Advocare? 

We chose Advocare because it fit in with FITNESS! And AdvoCare works! Honestly. I started using O2 Gold back in February and the changes in how I feel is crazy better!. Advocare's products are top of the line ingredients, endorsed by the NCAA, and tested regularly. I could trust the product. Most people know Advocare for Spark but that's not what I know them for. I know them for the Performance Elite line. I started this year losing weight. I'm down 30 pounds. I am closing in on my goal weight and my over fitness goals are changing. I want to get "fit". I don't want to be skinny fat. Advocare has the products to help me get there. Brian needs to lose weight (it's not a secret) and we are going to reach our goals with products from AdvoCare. 

What goals can we help you meet? Contact us at lbshoemaker(at)gmail(dot)com with questions or go directly to our AdvoCare website.
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