Monday, June 23, 2014

Just a little time with God!

About six months ago, I started doing something a little different. I began waking up before my entire household. Why you ask? There was someone who I needed to spend time with- Jesus. I have always been one to pray but actually digging in to the word of God had never been my strong suit. I decided in December that needed to change. 

My quiet time with Jesus is so very special. I will often stand at my back door with its open pane window where I can see the sun coming up over the trees. I talk to him about everything. There are days that I feel like I use my prayer time as an opportunity to request all my wants but most mornings I just praise him for the life that I have, confess my sins, and pray for our friends. I talk to Him about the needs in my life and seek His face for direction. 

I pray that my children and husband are influenced by my reading of the Word. I want them to be crazy about God. I want Him to be their Savior. I want them to seek Him first. I want to seek Him first in everything I do and I want to seek Him first at the start of all my days. He chased hard after me. Now, we can chase each other! 

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