Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Maxillary Distraction: Part 2

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We've waited for this day, June 11, 2014 ALL YEAR! When we learned on January 17, 2014 what awaited our son, Ryan, we had no idea what to expect. On April 29, Ryan had the first part of a maxillary distraction and today around 2:20pm he will have part 2. 

Today, part of me is so excited to be entering the final stages of this "journey" while another is afraid. 

This "journey" never gets easy. I think if it were to get easy then my eyes would come off of Jesus. My faith is strong because I need Him. My life is different because when I can't see the path, I know the maker of the path is right there, leading the way.

Complications at the last surgery have my mind in high alert. I am filling my mind with TRUTH

The TRUTH is- 

- Yes, Ryan ended up in PICU but his life was never in danger. 

- Ryan is my son but more than that Ryan is a child of God. No matter what, I can rest in the confidence of Ryan's salvation. 

- No matter what, no matter what, no matter what this journey will not define Ryan and I. Our faith will. 

- After today, it's all downhill. We've been walking an uphill battle but soon we will be able to see the view form the mountain top! 

- Ryan is the greatest patient! 

- Our village is PRAYING! When I can't find the words, my village is interceding. When I can't find the words, God knows my heart. 

Y'all- let's go- we've got a journey to finish! 

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