Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Pedicure for my Princess!

Y'all, I knew there would be moments in life that I would enjoy with Harper that Ryan and I never experienced. Well, today was one of those days! 

I drug Ryan and Harper to run errands. One of those was the nail salon. I needed the caterpillars waxed off my face and just a professional paint job on the toes! I had NEVER carried Harper with me to the nail salon so naturally she was very inquisitive. She wanted her nails painted, too! 

I wasn't "planning" on this happening today but it sure was fun! Harper isn't very girly but she lets her girly side come out every now and again! I love it. I look forward to many more "girl" things. Believe it or not, Ryan was happy to be there for this "first" too! 
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