Tuesday, June 17, 2014

What do you Crave?

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Am I the only person who struggles with cravings? Surely not.  Every night around  9pm or 10pm, I find myself digging for chocolate or more specifically Sour Patch Kids. Y’all, I’m talking straight up sugar coated gummy bears. Please tell me I am not alone! What do you crave?

Check out the chart below. I love how it shows the correlation between “what you crave” and “what your body is lacking”. Brilliant folks. Brilliant.

For the most part, a balanced diet of lean protein, veggies, fruits, and whole grains should keep our systems in check but most of us need a little help. AdvoCare has an entire line of supplements and systems to help us achieve our nutrition goals! If you will join me on the 24 Day Challenge, I will coach you through providing accountability and a nutrition guide/ menu suggestions! All you have to do is order the challenge and the coaching is FREE to you! 

For the 24 days, we will have a secret FaceBook group (which means no one can see what is posted except other group members) where I will daily post encouraging messages, we can chat, and keep each other accountable! But I will be your personal coach for as long as you stay on an AdvoCare regimen! As a coach, I will provide you with accountability, encouragement, motivation. you will have access to me by phone, email, or social media

If you are ready to get started, order your 24 Day Challenge by clicking the picture above or here. Once you order your challenge then send me an email at lbshoemaker@gmail.com and we can get started! 

What are you waiting for?!
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