Monday, June 9, 2014

You are what you eat!!!


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I workout 3 -4 days a week most of the time. Occasionally, my workouts will be outside a gym: swimming laps in our pool or walking with a friend but I exercise regularly. However, I am currently taking Prednisone which makes me HUNGRY (like a hungry hungry hippo!!!) and I am eating everything in sight! 

My friends, we cannot out train a bad diet! You are what you eat!!

This week it is going to be almost impossible to get in a decent workout. I have a choice to either lay down and give up or I can fight back! Tomorrow and Tuesday, I am volunteering at our church's VBS (Vacation Bible School). On Wednesday, my son, Ryan, will head back into the operating room for the last round of surgery for his maxillary distraction. Knowing all busy this week will be is definitely tempting to just not care but I didn't work hard to shed 30 pounds to give up now. I'm coming up fighting!! It's time to make over my plate!!! 

Cravings- you will not defeat me. 
Soda- I'm breaking up with you (again)! I had half a Dr. Pepper this weekend- WHOOPS! 
Carbs- get out of my mind and off my plate!!! 
Cupcakes- NO MORE! 
Starbucks- you will be sugar free!!! 
Water- I'll be drinking you in mass quantities! 

A truth I learned from reading, "Made to Crave"- Everything is permissable but not everything is beneficial. 1 Corinthians 10:23. What does this mean? I am allowed to have everything I want to eat but just because I can eat it doesn't mean I should. 

Anyone care to join me in the campaign to "TAKE BACK OUR PLATES?!" Leave a comment below. Let's do this pretty ladies! 

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