Friday, August 1, 2014

Confessional Friday!

Hello, Friday! It's been awhile. Glad to see you came around again! 

Y'all know that ocassionally I will pair up with A Blonde Amibition for my segment of "Confessional Friday". I have been slack-tastic on my blog for WEEKS now. Life is moving super fast and I'm just not taking the time like I should to blog! However, I'm here now so let's get to confessing.... 

1. Sacred Parenting, the Bible study I was facilitating is over. The course lasted 4 weeks! If I would have known how much I would love leading, the course wouldn't have been so short! I love being used by God and I want to serve Him. I pray that I daily radiate the love of Christ!!!

2. I want a gel manicure so badly. I've been trying to sell Brian on the fact that my face is the face of our AdvoCare business and that I have to make the brand look good. Evidently, he isn't buying it! 

3. I am now the age where my friends are starting to lose their parents. How do you show Jesus to your friends when they are fighting a battle you've never fought? I don't want to be here at this age watching my friends hurt in ways I cannot help. A lesson that keeps coming back to me from Sacred Parenting is that I am to be the Messenger not the Messiah. All that is required of me is to point my friends back to God who loves them more than I possibly ever could and to be His feet to show love when they don't want to get out of bed. 

4. Every time I think about death, I picture that sweet old man I loved so deep and so well, my Papa

Can I just get one more dance? One more hug? One more kiss on my temple? One more "I love you, you are my Sweetie Pie?" 

\Change of topic before I end up sobbing. The days are long and the years are short. Every day, I just want to show Jesus to somebody! 
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